Things I've Seen and Heard
Mid GA RV Service, LLC
Mother Nature's Fury. This is a tree
at Little River Park at Lake Sinclair
My Water Heater won't work....... Of
course I have turned on my LP Gas.
Could you come check and see why I
can't get the Water Heater to work?
Get there and turn on the LP Gas and
ask the customer to try it one more time.
Customer states, I was sure I had the LP
turned on!
I though I had my awning tilted enough.
The water didn't drain off and now the
awning tube is broke. Could you please
come and remove it so we can get in
and out of our coach?
I did not know that I was supposed to
reseal the roof on my RV. When I
purchased it, no one said a thing about
that. Now look at the damage the rain
has done.
Wife: would you like me to watch for you?
Husband: No, I've got it. Just sit right
Both of you look at each other and ask,
"What was that thud I heard?"
I've Been there & Done This
I got tired of draining my Black Tank so
often, so I left the valve cracked a little
so it wouldn't fill up so quick and now
my tank won't drain and the toilet is
backed up. What can I do?